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The 5 Healthiest Places to Eat in San Deigo

Many times the reason why people start to gain weight or become unhealthy is because they often eat out for lunch or dinner. It is okay to eat out every now and then, but when you do so several times a week, the pounds really start to add on. If this is something you really enjoy doing, then eating at healthier places will be beneficial to your overall health and weight. Here are 5 of the healthiest places to eat in San Diego, some of which may have food entrees with probiotics.

This is a small restaurant located in Old Town where you can enjoy the wonderful taste of Latin American food while keeping your heart healthy. All menu food items are home-made from fresh vegetables and produce and all sauces are freshly made each day. Zero hormones are added to chicken dishes. All deserts are also home-made and low in calories.

This restaurant, located in Point Loma, is known for its simple healthy soup, salads, and grilled entrees. Their salad choices are creative, tasty, low in calories, and include ingredients that are good for your health. Some of their salads include:

Smaller portion salads are also available that are made from ingredients right off the farm. They also bake their own deserts from fresh market fruits and tasty ingredients. There is a new special every day.

If you are a seafood lover and are looking for an incredibly healthy place to eat, then this is the place to go. This restaurant, located in Gaslamp, receives their seafood from the freshest locations all over the world. All seafood is flown in daily, so it is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious. Some of their seafood dinner classics include:

The Oceanaire Seafood Room also has various soups and salads, steak dishes, and lobster and crab entrees.

Lean and Green is located in La Jolla and is best known for its delicious organic dishes. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner using all naturally grown food ingredients that are not only healthy, but really tasty.

Every order is customized just the way you like it. First, you pick whether you want a salad or a wrap. Then, you pick either which wrap base you’d like or which green vegetables you want in your salad. Lastly, you choose your ingredients. There are symbols located next to each ingredient telling you whether it is organic, vegan, or gluten-free. Some organic ingredients include:

This restaurant is located in Clairemont and Hilcrest and is one of the best healthy Indian restaurants in San Diego. You have your choice of vegetarian dishes, chef specials, Indian breads, soups, salads, Tandoori, Curries, and many other healthy options. Some specific entrees you can choose from are:

These are just a few of this restaurant’s tasty dishes. They also have three different Indian bread choices, three chef specials, and several different sides to choose from. Reservations can be made right on their website at bombayrestaurant.com.

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