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Take a Holiday on the Coast of Tuscany in San Vincenzo

The town of San Vincenzo on the coast of Tuscany is perfect for peaceful holidays in Italy. Here you will be able to stay in one of the many hotels by the sea, or in comfortable Tuscany apartments, and enjoy the ten-kilometer long beach. White extra-fine sand covers the stretch of coast between the Thyrrenian Sea and the large strip of Mediterranean vegetation at its back. This is the special trademark of this precious Tuscan town, which is one of the main tourist destinations on the Etruscan Coast of Tuscany.

San Vincenzo is perched on the hills immediately over the Thyrrenian Sea, in the southern territory of Livorno. This maritime village offers all services and welcoming accommodations. If you have never tried it, a holiday on the Etruscan Coast is certainly something to be experienced. This is a quiet location to spend your vacations while discovering the carefully preserved natural environment all around it. Long walks on the Tuscan hills in the surrounding area and peaceful days at the beach make for the perfect formula to regain a sometimes forgotten inner peace.

The town has ancient origins. It used was inhabited during prehistoric times, then it became an important Etruscan center due to its proximity to Populonia (a major Etruscan town) and for the many forests and ferrous minerals in its soil. These boosted the creation of foundries, so that in a relatively short time the town became the major industrial area of the territory. The Romans consecrated it as an important city by building one of their main roads in its vicinities, the Aurelia road, nowadays a four-lane freeway.

After the destruction of its main castle by Pisa in 1304, a watchtower against the Saracens was built here, along with a landing dock and customs. From these three elements, the San Vincenzo that you can visit today was developed. At first a small fisherman village, it grew to acquire its own municipal status in 1949.

Nowadays the town is elegantly touristic, adorned with plenty of public garden spaces. The ancient coastal tower built by Pisa, which was restored in recent times, still watches over San Vincenzo, although the Saracens were driven away from the Mediterranean some hundred years ago.

The beach is walking-distance from town. Walking along the beach you will encounter the Secular Pine forest, one of the

area’s crown-jewels. The beach is poised in between the forest and the blue sea, creating a relaxing paradise of rare beauty. The beach is all free access, and offers eight resorts where to rest for the day.

Basing yourself in San Vincenzo is ideal for taking walks inside the pine forest and on nearby hills, and for organizing bike tours or horseback rides through sights of great natural beauty. You should not miss the Natural Park of Ripigliano, south of San Vincenzo, and the hiking trail Il Corbezzolo, which leads along paths through pleasant woods filled with wildlife.

Archeology fans can enjoy the sites of Populonia, whereas medieval sights such as Campiglia Marittima, Bolgheri and Suvereto are excellent daytrip destinations.

Finally, remember to include in your stay a restaurant to take part in the local culinary tradition with its special recipes and great wines.

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