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How To Join The Mediterranean Diet And A Wine Tour Of Italy – Italy Hotels & Travel Guide

The Sicily island is the biggest island in the Mediterranean sea, it’s at the south of Italy and the north of Africa. Food and wine are among Sicily’s main attractions. Here you can find a mix of different cultures (Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans). These ancient dominations let us their rests in the culinary traditions. Climatic conditions, sun every day and the Volcanic land, facilitate the food’s favour and produce unique of a kind Mediterranean products.

What to get in this Wine tour…

  • Unique landscapes and views
  • Living history around you
  • Wine tasting and cooking courses
  •  All the benefits of the Mediterranean diet

One of the most important aspect of Mediterranean diet is the quality of the ingredients used. The result is that ingredients are fresh, often produced in land, tasty and fragrant.

Here the most known Mediterranean foods and wines you’ll taste during your Sicilian journey…

Seafood. It is well known for its particular heart benefits with the presence of “Omega 3”. Serve grilled swordfish, cuttlefish or sardines, it’s the best you can do for your heart health. A plus factor is that most of the recipes are prepared with pasta, so low carb added.

Chicken, Veal, Lamb are popular meat dishes usually served with marsala wine.

There are more than 150.000 hectares of land cultivates to wineyards. The best productions are on the slopes of the Etna mountain. There are a lot of studies that explain the benefits of Sicilian Red wine consumption. These studies confirm that people who drink red wines (Nero D’Avola and Torrepalino) has a lower cardiovascular risk, because the blood glucose, total cholesterol and triglycerides are significantly decreased after the consumption.

Here the tour explained…

With this tour you’ll have the opportunity to join the best oriental attraction of Sicily. You’ll visit the Etna volcano, Taormina, the city of Catania in the Ionic coast and the Aeolian islands. You’ll discover the little medieval villages on the slopes of the Etna, the fishermen’s life, the roman rests of Catania and Taormina and the free nature of the 7 little island on the thyrrenian sea. All combined with the tasting of great Mediterranean diet products.

How to improve your experience…

  •  If you try to taste Sicilian sweets (Cannoli, almond, marzipan), you’ll note that the taste is a little different from the ones you’ve had outside Italy. That’s because the ricotta cheese is made with sheep’s milk.
  •  The best wines to choose with meats and deserts are Marsala, Moscato, Passito di Pantelleria and Malvasia delle Lipari. For meats and fish plates, the Zibibbo wine is perfect.
  • The wines have a maximum cost of about $20 a bottle. Very cheap respect those from Tuscany or Piedmont that cost $40 or much, much more.
  • Drink wine with food (Especially with olive oil or bread)
  • If you read the label “Denomination of origin” (DOC) on the bottles, It is a meaningless designation related to quality of wine to certify the origin.

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